What is PPC services?

PPC is short for “Pay-Per-Click Advertising”, a kind of online advertising model.
Advertisers need to pay every time for the ad platform owner while users click on their online ads.

How PPC works

There are different types of online ads. Some of them are paid by the count of advertising displays or stream views, such as banner ads and youtube. But the most favorite online ads model for advertisers is still paid per click advertising.

How ppc works

When people search for things online, especially when they are performing commercial searches, meaning that they’re looking for goods/services. This could be anything from a local search, such as a search for “pizza near me” on their phone, or a service search for a dentist within the local community.

When the search engines receive the inquiry, it will check the database to locate whether any online advertisements related to the keyword. Then the advertisements will be displayed according to the search engine algorithm.

The most feature of PPC is the payment according to how many clicks happened. The advertisers are only charged when a user actually clicks on their ad, hence the name “pay-per-click.”

Advantages and disadvantages of PPC

Each online marketing solution has its advantages and disadvantages.

Unlike the other sly online marketing agency, SEOBOX has the responsibility to let customers know more about PPC services.

PPC sample

The PPC ad slot helps your page defeat 688,000,000 pages once you paid for the search engine.

The benefits of running PPC advertising include:

  • Get Fast Results
    Normally, you need to defeat lots of competitors’ pages to display your website to customers through natural optimization(SEO). PPC is a fast way to obtain the ranking result. Once you optimize the content and set up the PPC campaign, the advertisement will be triggered by the relevant keywords searching. PPC can save the business owner’s time on website promotion.
  • Away from SEO or Google Algorithmic changes
    SEO services is a long term project but you need to have an SEO friendly website and also comply with SEO best standards and practices.
    Unlike SEO service, once you create PPC campaigns and keep the account budge sufficient, you don’t need to worry about the search engines change their ranking algorithms.
  • Rich And Flexible Campaign Options
    PPC services provide customized display options, such as location, visitors’ age/gender and time schedule, etc. So we can design the optimized PPC campaign to display ads to visitors who have maximum purchase possibilities. In contrast, the ads won’t be seemed by people who don’t fit the requirement. This feature can keep the investment and return in high efficient condition.
  • Measurable & Trackable
    Every PPC campaign provides the metrics which are measurable and trackable. Such metrics include visitors, cost, profits, views, clicks and many more. Each metric indicates one performance index of the PPC campaign. We can evaluate whether the PPC campaign reaches its business purpose or not. If not, we can optimize the PPC campaign base on the metrics above.

Some challenges of PPC advertising include:

  • Need constant optimization to keep profitable
    PPC seems easy but needs skills and time to optimize the campaign. As the competition in the online market is dynamic, we need to collect sales data and perform web analytics constantly, for the sake of keeping the ROI (return of investment) is positive. Otherwise, more investment means more waste.
  • PPC service hasn’t a long term result
    Unlike the organic traffic provided by SEO services keep going for a long time even the optimization stop, PPC campaign traffic will stop once the budge uses up. If you want to obtain the paid traffic, you must keep the account still have sufficient budge.
  • Fake clicks are always annoying
    Since the PPC advertisement can be seen and clicked by everyone, that means the competitors can click and consume your budge. Even though search engines spend lots of resources to identify the fake clicks, some clicks from competitors are inevitable. Sometimes it will affect the investment balance seriously.

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