What is web analytics?

Web analytics is a process to evaluate whether a website operating well. It includes set up business goals, collects metric data, data analysis, advises website improvement. The purpose of web analytics is to improve online business performance.

The following metric usually is collected during web analytics: audience source, audience acquisition, audience behavior, and conversion.

What kind of report can we have from web analytics

Normally, we use cookie technology to track online visitors’ behavior. The following reports will be integrated while visitors browsing the website: audience source, audience acquisition, audience behavior, and conversion.

  • Audience source:
    These reports provide more detail about visitors. The reports use various dimensions to define visitors: Demographics, Interests, Geo, and so on.
    It helps the business owner to understand clients better.
  • Audience acquisition:
    These reports are about what kind of medium led visitors to the website. Simply to say, what kind of medium causes the traffic from? Do visitors come from social media, SEO, PPC, or email marketing, etc.?
    Such reports help you to invest campaign more efficiently.
  • Audience behavior:
    These reports describe the behavior flow while visitors browsing your website. Unlike the real world, the web analytics technique easily reveals what visitors have done and what they look for. These reports help you improve website performance.
  • Conversion:
    Conversion reports contain the details of the business goal achievement, e-commerce transaction revenue, and Multi-Channel Funnels.

Why is web analytics important to digital marketing?

Digital marketing faces customers from the internet. One of the features of online visitors is invisible in the physics aspect. We don’t know what appearance they have and what kind of goods/services they look for. But online customers’ characteristics still can be described through data statistics.

Let’s see what web analytics can help us during internet marketing.

1. Know Your Visitors better and Enhance User Experience

Before making an efficient business decision, we need to know our visitors first.
Web analytics uses cookies to collect site visitors’ data includes their age, gender, geographic location, interest topics, etc. Also, we can learn about the technology (device, operating system, and browsers) online visitors using to browse our site. With the data above, we can create proper content and enhance compatibility to improve visitors’ experience.
audience report

2. Know where your customers come from

In traditional marketing, it’s hard to identify what kind of advertisement leads customers to your shop. As a result, the advertisement owners, also the business owner, have to do the marketing survey to figure out the marketing measure with the best investment return.

Web analytics can handle this issue easily with the analytics code setup. The audience acquisition reports show what kind of medium that leads the traffics. Furthermore, we can also discover what medium has the best transaction conversion in the web analytics report.

Audience acquisition report

3.Understand how visitors interact with your site

Once we make clear who our visitors are, and where they come from, the next step is to figure out how their behavior within our website.

The audience behavior report shows visitors’ behavior flow. We can find out which page/transaction process has the most visitors drop-off. So we need to improve such pages/process to obtain higher revenue. In contrast, we can also find out what is the most favorite flow for our visitors, then try to duplicate the success.

Behaviour Flow report

4.Track conversions

We build the website, create informative content, deploy the marketing campaign. All the above are for the purpose of conversion and revenue. So tracking the conversions is the final but critical measure. We need to identify what type of process has the best conversion rate.

Top Conversion Paths report

Simply, as one of the data collection and analytics for online visitors, web analytics helps us know online visitors better and improve our digital marketing strategy.

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